What's a Mamaku?

Native to New Zealand, and incredibly prolific around our workshop, the Mamaku (or Black Tree Fern) is one of the tallest tree ferns in the world, reaching up to 20m in height.

In Māori culture, Mamaku are a symbol of new life, playing important roles in the hatching of chicks and the health of mothers. 

Can you customise one of your products for me?

Almost certainly! Whether you'd like some custom engraving or laser etching on a piece, or you'd like to discuss a modification to one of our products to fit your unique requirements, drop us a line and we can take it from there.

How do I take care of my purchase?

We have a simple guide to taking the best care of your items over on our Product Care page.

What timber do you use?

We lean heavily into native New Zealand timbers, preferring recycled or reclaimed timber where possible. For details on all the different species we use, check out our Timber Details page.

Where do you source your timber?

Wherever possible we source our timber from as close to the workshop as possible. We're lucky enough to have a mill just down the road, and a couple of great local suppliers who carry native timbers both recycled and new. 

What sort of leather do you use?

We use veg-tanned kangaroo hide from Australia, which believe-it-or-not is the only sustainable leather in the world. For more information on kangaroo leather, and why we use it, check out this post.

Do you ship internationally?

We do, but to keep things simple, our store is set up to be able to ship within Aotearoa and over the ditch to Australia.  If you live further afield and want some of our Mamaku goodies delivered to your door, just get in touch and we will work out the shipping for you.  That way we can make sure we give you the best shipping rate possible.

Do you sell vouchers?

We surely do! Grab one from the store right here

Do you do commissions?

We absolutely do, however due to our busy schedules, we sometimes have to be selective with which commission work we can take on to ensure we don't catch fire. If you do have something in mind, drop us a note and we can have a chat.